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Workshop on Diophantine problems and p-adic period mappings

This workshop is organized by J. Ayoub, C. Fuchs, P. Habegger, R. Pink, and G. Wüstholz. The workshop takes place from June 30-July 5, 2019 at the Böglerhof in Alpbach/Tyrol, Austria.

This summer school will continue a tradition of summer schools in Alpbach (see here) in arithmetic and geometry (e.g. 2010, p-adic periods; 2011, motives, periods and transcendence; 2012, multiple zeta-values; 2013, p-adic modular forms; 2014, periods and heights of CM abelian varieties; 2015, special cycles on Shimura varities). PhD students and postdocs present the topics.

We study the very recent paper of Brian Lawrence and Akshay Venkatesh on Diophantine problems and p-adic period mappings.

The group picture with the workshop participants can be found here: JPG

Joseph Ayoub (Zurich)
Clemens Fuchs (Salzburg)
Ziyang Gao (IMJ-PRG)
Sergey Gorchinskiy (Steklov Math. Inst., NRU HSE, Moscow)
Philipp Habegger (Basel)
Sebastian Heintze (Salzburg)
Fritz Hörmann (Freiburg)
Emil Jacobsen (Zurich)
Ariyan Javanpeykar (Mainz)
Bruno Klingler (Berlin)
Dmitry Krekov (NRU HSE, Moscow)
Andrew Kresch (Zurich)
Lars Kühne (Basel)
Lorenzo Mantovani (Zurich)
Alberto Merici (Zurich)
Nicolas Müller (Zurich)
Maxim Mornev (Zurich)
Nicola Nesa (Freiburg)
Doosung Park (Zurich)
Richard Pink (Zurich)
Harry Schmidt (Basel)
Paul Steinmann (Zurich)
Yunqing Tang (Princeton)
Gisbert Wüstholz (Zurich)
The participants consist of PhD students and postdocs in arithmetic and geometry from Zurich as well as colleagues from Basel, Freiburg, Lausanne, Leiden, Mainz, Moscow, Princeton, and Salzburg.

The program will start on Sunday evening, the first talk (given virtually online by B. Lawrence) is scheduled for 17:15-18:45. The detailed program can be found here: PDF (written by B. Lawrence). The list of talks (including abstracts of the invited talks by Ariyan Javanpeykar and Yunqing Tang) can be found here: Program-2019

Sunday, 30.06.2019 (Arrival day): Introduction (welcome talk given virtually online by B. Lawrence)
Monday: Introduction to p-adic Hodge theory I (Doosung Park), II (Maxim Mornev), The S-unit equation (Harry Schmidt)
Tuesday: Construction of the Kodaira-Parshin family (Nicola Nesa), Friendly places and generic simplicity (Emil Jacobsen), Arithmetic hyperbolicity: birational self maps, from number fields to finitely generated fileds, and period domains (Ariyan Javanpeykar), Reductions of abelian surfaces over global function fields (Yunqing Tang)
Wednesday: The main argument I (Fritz Hörmann), II (Ziyang Gao)
Thursday: Monodromy I (Alberto Merici), II (Lorenzo Mantovani), Hypersurfaces I (Sergey Gorchinskiy)
Friday, 05.07.2019: Hypersurfaces II (Sergey Gorchinskiy), III (Lars Kühne)

(Tentative) Schedule:
09:00 - 10:30: First talk
10:30 - 11:00: Coffee break
11:00 - 12:30: Second talk
12:45: Lunch
13:45 - 15:15: Third talk
15:30 - 18:00: Time for informal discussion
13:45 - 14:45: Invited talk
15:00 - 16:00: Invited talk
16:00 - 18:00: Time for informal discussion
19:00: Dinner

Lecture Notes and Literature:
Main article (by B. Lawrence and A. Venkatesh): arXiv:1807.02721
[1] D. Arapura: Computation of some Hodge numbers. Available online at PDF.
[2] B. Bakker and J. Tsimerman: The Ax-Schanuel conjecture for variations of Hodge structures. Available online at arXiv:1712.05088.
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[4] P. Berthelot and A. Ogus: Notes on Crystalline Cohomology
[5] B. Bhatt and A. J. de Jong: Crystalline cohomology and de Rham cohomology
[6] O. Brinon and B. Conrad: CMI summer school notes on p-adic Hodge theory. Available online at PDF.
[7] A. Chambert-Loir: Cohomologie cristalline: un survol
[8] G. Faltings: Endlichkeitssätze für abelsche Varietäten über Zahlkörper
[9] B. Farb and D. Margalit: A primer on mapping class groups
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[11] W. Fulton: Hurwitz schemes and irreducibility of moduli of algebraic curves. Annals of math., 1969
[12] B. Lawrence and A. Venkatesh: Diophantine problems and p-adic period mappings. Available online at arXiv:1807.02721.
[13] S. Mochizuki: The geometry of the compactification of the Hurwitz scheme
[14] G. Wüstholz: The finiteness theorems of Faltings. In: Rational points, Springer, 1992

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