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Workshop "Motives, periods and transcendence"

This workshop is organized by J. Ayoub, A. Huber-Klawitter, S. M¨ller-Stach, G. W¨stholz (Chair) and with the help of C. Fuchs within the ProDoc module. It takes place from July 13-19, 2011 at the Hotel Böglerhof in Alpbach/Tyrol, Austria.

Joseph Ayoub
Utsav Choudhury
Brent Doran
Bledar Fazlija
Clemens Fuchs
Martin Gallauer
Sergey Gorchinskiy (Moscow)
Annette Huber-Klawitter (Freiburg)
Mario Huicochea
Jonas Jermann
Rafael von Känel
Andrew Kresch
Lars K¨hne
Aleksander Momot
Stefan M¨ller-Stach (Mainz)
Roland Paulin
Hiep Pham
Thomas Preu
Sergey Rybakov (Moscow)
Sonia Samol (Mainz)
Claudia Scheimbauer
Andrin Schmidt
Jonathan Skowera
Konrad Völkel (Freiburg)
Mingxi Wang
Jonas von Wangenheim (Freiburg)
Thomas Wei▀schuh (Mainz)
Peter Wieland (Freiburg)
Gisbert W¨stholz
Jun Yu

The program will start on Wednesday evening, the first talk is scheduled for 17:30 - 18:30. Departure will be on Tuesday after lunch.

Wednesday, 13.07.2011: Arrival day
Welcome Lecture: Periods for curves (G. W¨stholz)
Kontsevich-Zagier periods (G. W¨stholz)
Singular cohomology (J. Jermann, R. Paulin), singular cohomology as sheaf cohomology (B. Fazlija, R. von Känel)
Nori's basic lemma (J. Skowera, J. Yu), de Rham cohomology (K. Völkel, P. Wieland), relative de Rham cohomology (M. Huicochea, H. Pham)
Tannaka duality (C. Scheimbauer, A. Schmidt), Nori's diagram category (J. von Wangenheim), multiplicative structures and localization (M. Gallauer)
Informal discussion, excursion, hiking tours
Nori's rigidity criterion (T. Preu), pairs of representations (L. K¨hne, M. Wang)
Diagrams of pairs (U. Choudhury)
Problem Session at 16:30-18:30.
Tuesday, 19.07.2011: Departure day
Yoga of diagrams (S. Rybakov), rigidity, torsors and more (S. Gorchinskiy)

08:45 - 9:45: First talk
10:00 - 11:00: Second talk
11:00: Coffee break
11:30 - 12:30: Third talk
12:45: Lunch
14:00 - 18:00 Time for informal discussion
19:00: Dinner

Lecture Notes:
Notes taken by J. Skowera during the week are available here.

More details on the program and further references will be published here.
Detailed Program (by A. Huber-Klawitter): PDF
Main article (by A. Huber-Klawitter and S. M¨ller-Stach): arXiv:1105.0865
Basic details (by B. Friedrich): arXiv:0506113
Nori's (unpublished) TIFR notes: PDF

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